"Compare Our Quality"

You will notice the difference.

Learn how Dozydotes is better.  Examine a cutaway view of our chairs, and the competition.

Here is a cut-away of our four-button recliner. You can see the solid hardwood frame, quality cushioning and springs that go into our chairs. No cardboard! Our footrest mechanism is also covered with cloth to help prevent little fingers from getting pinched


Our Chairs Compared to Industry Standard


Here you can see we use real furniture springs in our chairs as opposed to fabric as seen in Brand X.

  • Solid Hardwood Frame
  • Quality Cushioning Material
  • High Quality Furniture Springs
  • No Cardboard Construction
  • Covered Footrest Mechanism

Cushions that Guarantee Comfort


To your right you can see the difference in the amount of cushioning. Our Dozydotes chair has over twice the amount of cushioning than the typical kids recliner. Simply put, our recliners are made to last for the next little brother or sister!